Sputter Box is a clarinet, voice, percussion interdisciplinary performance art ensemble.


Sputter Box is committed to performing interdisciplinary pieces involving sound, theater, movement, visual art, and improvisation. Inspired by Sept Crimes de l’Amour by Georges Aperghis, Sputter Box began commissioning performance art works for their unique instrumentation.

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How We Met

After meeting as graduate students at Stony Brook University, Kathryn, Alina, and Peter formed a trio to perform Sept Crimes de l’Amour by Georges Aperghis. You can watch their first performance as an ensemble below.


Avaloch Farm

Most recently, Sputter Box attended Avaloch Farm Music Institute for a residency. There, they worked with composers Alan Hankers, Joe Krycia, and Chris Newman and ensemble coach/choreographer Neil Parsons to create three new works for their ensemble. Sputter Box will premiere these pieces, along with a new work by Niloufar Nourbakhsh, in early October.

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Sputter (Open) Box Improv

Sputter Box hosts a monthly open improvisation session for all artistic disciplines and ability levels. Musicians, visual artists, dancers, writers, (and more) are all invited to attend.